2016’s election of Donald Trump makes it easy to forget all of the other races that were also decided on November 8th. For Democrats, tough defeats were everywhere. Despite the climate, over 80% of the races we worked on at Talbot Digital came out on top. We’d like to congratulate all of our clients on the hard-fought and vigorous campaigns they ran during the 2016 cycle. To the victors, we urge you: every day, resist the dangerous, divisive agenda of President Trump. To those who lost, we urge you: every day, resist the dangerous, divisive agenda of President Trump. There is hard work ahead of us; to keep us motivated and inspired, here are a few of the bright spots from 2016:

In New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, Carol Shea-Porter defeated a Republican incumbent to return to Congress: an improbable feat, this was one of the only House races in the country where a challenger defeated a GOP incumbent in a Trump district.

After a tough primary, Maryland elected Chris Van Hollen to the Senate in a landslide. Now at the helm of the DSCC, Senator Van Hollen’s leadership will be critical in the fight to protect Obamacare and resist threats posed by Donald Trump.

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In California, challenger Ro Khanna ousted a 16-year incumbent for the 17th Congressional District seat, in one of the most-watched races across the country.

Talbot Digital also served as a key advisor on the largest vote swapping effort in history, which aimed to overcome our antiquated electoral college by swapping more votes for Hillary Clinton into the battleground states. Though the effort fell short, the historic vote swap shifted tens of thousands of Clinton votes out of safe states like California and into the battleground states that ultimately decided the outcome.

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