As the everyday lives of voters become more and more interwoven across different media and devices, we are excited to bring a comprehensive media planning and buying solution to Democratic campaigns. Today we are launching a strategic partnership with Screen Strategies Media, one of the most experienced and respected media placement companies in politics.

Modern political campaigns need to connect with voters in a lot more places and message formats than they used to, yet also maintain efficiency and high frequency to get value from their investments. Achieving this requires a coordinated and integrated media strategy, combining traditional and digital channels in a cohesive approach to deliver maximum impact.

To date, most political campaigns have stunningly failed to address this challenge. Campaigns rarely coordinate traditional media plans and messaging with digital strategies. Most campaigns are lucky if their digital operation even talks with the team scheduling and buying slots on TV, radio, and mail. Instead of taking advantage of research that shows an integrated cross-channel media plan delivers better results, campaigns are stuck showing voters a disjointed plan that fails to coordinate scheduling, visuals, and messaging between traditional and digital channels. That’s a missed opportunity. 

We want to change that. Our combined media planning and buying operation with Screen Strategies will deliver the most effective plan for reaching the right voters, leveraging the most impactful ad placements across channels — with the best pricing and the least waste. Campaigns will enjoy smarter, more efficient, more impactful media plans that can help win tough races.

To learn more about how our collaboration will help your campaign, just drop us a note:

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For Immediate  Release: October 10, 2017
Contact: Kyle Osterhout:

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Leading Democratic Ad Firms Combine Forces 

New Partnership Between Screen Strategies Media and Talbot Digital Offers Democratic Campaigns Comprehensive Media Buying Solution 

WASHINGTON, D.C – Screen Strategies Media and Talbot Digital have announced a strategic partnership that offers Democratic political campaigns and progressive organizations the most comprehensive media buying solution in the industry.  Combining Screen Strategies Media’s 25 years of media buying experience and Talbot Digital’s decade of digital advertising and innovating, the alliance creates an unmatched combination of experience and sophistication in political advertising.

“This partnership will ensure our clients have the best media plans across all media channels and devices, applying cutting edge tools and targeting techniques to tackle the rapidly changing media landscape,” said Kyle Osterhout, partner at Screen Strategies Media. “We know that integrated media planning delivers more impact, and the combined approach of SSM and Talbot Digital finally brings that efficiency to the political realm: our clients can expect targeted, efficient, cross-channel media plans that get the very most out of every campaign dollar.”

“We are excited to offer Democratic campaigns and organizations a true one-stop-shop for all of their ad buying needs,” said Chris Talbot, President of Talbot Digital. “We’re bringing TV and digital media buying operations, which are typically standalone strategies, under one roof -saving our clients time and money. No one else in the party is bringing this level of integration and coordination to traditional + digital media planning. A cohesive approach to old and new media is the proper alignment and should become the new standard for Democratic campaigns.”

Led by partners Kyle Osterhout and Rachael Jones, Screen Strategies Media emphasizes data-driven media buying to provide measurable results and value throughout a campaign. SSM has worked with U.S. Senators Gary Peters and Tammy Duckworth; Planned Parenthood; and many other Democratic political campaigns and progressive organizations across the country. With access to the latest voter file data for every county in the country,  SSM  ensures that all advertisers regardless of the size of their budget receive highly targeted media plans.  Kyle and Rachael bring an unparalleled depth of experience ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses, national membership organizations to local activists, and presidential to state representative campaigns.

With more than a decade running digital ad campaigns in politics, Talbot Digital is a pioneer in the industry and a trusted partner of Democratic leaders, fundraisers, and strategists. Founded by former Google political strategist Chris Talbot, their clients include U.S. Senators, Governors, and Presidential candidates, as well as labor unions, progress advocacy organizations, trade associations, and non-profits. Talbot Digital has executed digital strategies on behalf of the US State Department and US Treasury Department, as well as international political campaigns in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Canada.


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